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Legal information and conditions of use


By installing and / or using "easyTrucking.com" ("Application"), the user accepts the following terms of use without limitation:


Intellectual Property Rights of easyTrucking with. r. about.,

right of use

Google Play Business Terms of Use and Program Policies Terms of Use

apply for use unless otherwise specified below.

Copyright of the works published in this application that were created by the company

easyTrucking s. r. about. remain solely for easyTrucking s.r.o. and its subsidiaries. Use of this Agreement, including reproduction, dissemination, or 

spreading public texts, images, charts, animations, videos, music, sounds, and more

materials in electronic or printed publications (in particular other applications

or websites) is not permitted without the express consent of the company

easyTrucking s. r. about. or its subsidiaries.

After installing the application, the user gets simple, irrevocable, not time-limited

the right and the space to use the application and its accessible content.

easyTrucking s. r. about. has the right to use trademarks and logos (hereinafter referred to as "

"Trademarks") displayed in the app. Their use is only possible in the case of express

Written consent of easyTrucking with. r. o .. Unauthorized use

of these marks is strictly forbidden.

easyTrucking s. r. about. will exercise its intellectual property rights on

throughout the world under the relevant legislation.


Exclusion of the right of withdrawal:

The user is not entitled to a legal right of withdrawal in the case of distance sales contracts for the supply of goods.

Installing the application based on its freely available download, which does not exclude the option

reuse. For this reason, the right of withdrawal by the user is excluded.


Content and application usage, responsibility

The information provided in the application is non-binding and is available exclusively for information

purposes. The information provided in the app and all the products and services that are available to you

available, may be changed or updated at any time without prior notice

easyTrucking alerts with. r. o There are no apps available

warranty or features, specifications for which easyTrucking with. r. about. warrants

either expressly or in writing. This also applies to timeliness, accuracy, completeness and quality

information provided by easyTrucking with. r. about. excepted.

The user will not manipulate the application. The purpose of the application is to only subtract the tachograph record and evaluate it for user needs. However, easyTrucking with. r. about. gives no warranties to

correctness of records and representation of data based on input data. For this reason, the information displayed on the tachograph takes precedence

information displayed on the smartphone.

User's claims for damages in connection with the use of the app and its content are

excluded. Claims for claim for damages for life or

health, as well as liability for further damage caused by intentional or grossly negligent

breach of obligations by easyTrucking s. r. o., are excluded.

easyTrucking s. r. about. strongly recommends the use of electronic devices during

driving. easyTrucking s. r. about. he does not bear any responsibility for damages

caused by such negligent use.


Data Recording and Data Processing

easyTrucking s. r. about. You are aware of the protection of your privacy when using it

of this app is important to you. easyTrucking s. r. about. takes personal protection

data is very serious. easyTrucking s. r. about. he therefore accepted the necessary technical and

organizational measures to ensure the protection of personal data.

Where there is an option to enter personal data within an application, these will be made available

to users explicitly on a voluntary basis. Use all offered

services is generally possible and permitted without giving these data.

easyTrucking s. r. about. can track usage information for

for anonymous statistics about the daily number of visitors. easyTrucking s. r. about.

uses these statistics solely to measure application activity as well as to improve and

modify the application and the information contained therein related to its requirements

users. These statistics do not contain any personal information and can not be used anywhere.

Only data related to date and time of access to the application, loaded files and name

An Internet Service Provider saves easyTrucking with. r. about..

If personal data are recorded, they will be considered confidential and will only be accessible

authorized trader of easyTrucking with. r. o .. easyTrucking s.r.o. will not give your data (personal and non-personal) available to others

companies other than their subsidiaries. Handing this data to government

institutions and bodies entitled to request such information will be provided

solely in the framework of the applicable law or on the basis of a court decision

obliging easyTrucking with. r. about. to provide such data.

The application user agrees with the processing and use of this data by the Company

easyTrucking s. r. o .. The same applies if the user contacts

easyTrucking with. r. about. (customer service, privacy, and security)

technical support) through this app.

easyTrucking s. r. about. will only use the user's personal information to which he or she is

the user will give consent in accordance with applicable privacy laws.

By using this application, you agree to the Company's privacy policy

easyTrucking s. r. o .. If you do not agree to our terms of protection

please do not use this application. easyTrucking s. r. about. are u

reserves the right to modify, modify, delete parts or add new conditions to this

of the Data Protection Regulation at its discretion, but within the legal framework

regulations. Please read on-line data protection terms regularly with the purpose

to track their changes. If you continue to use this app after posting

by easyTrucking with. r. o. that the terms of protection of personal data are

changed, you can declare that you agree to the new data protection conditions.


Right to information

You have the right to receive free information and request some of your saved personal

data obtained by easyTrucking with. r. o .. You also have the right to them

correcting, blocking or deleting incorrect data. If you have any questions in this

please contact our Data Protection Agent, e-mail: info@easytrucking.com

If you start a web page with a request to enter when you use the app

personal data, please note that this online data transfer may not be safe

and that these data may also be made available to unauthorized persons or even misused.


Links to other sites

Links to third party websites may be provided as a further service. these

websites are completely independent and are beyond the sphere of corporate responsibility and control

easyTrucking s. r. o .. easyTrucking s. r. about. therefore it does not bear

responsibility for their content, the protection of your data, or the use of any of these sites.

The provider of these websites to which our application refers will be solely responsible

responsible for illegal or erroneous content and in particular for damage resulting from the use of or

not using the information offered in this way.


App availability

The app is only available in the Slovak language on Google Play

Store. easyTrucking s. r. about. reserves the right to continue offering the application after

the world in the future, but easyTrucking with. r. about. does not bind to

worldwide distribution of this app.



Contract concluded between easyTrucking and. r. about. and users

the application will be subject to German law with the exclusion of UN Sales Convention.

easyTrucking s. r. about. expressly reserves the right to change these terms

use. If you continue to use this app after you have been notified

Changing the terms of use by easyTrucking with. r. o., automatically

you agree to the new terms of use of the application.

If the individual terms of this agreement become wholly or partly invalid, it will not

affect the validity of the other provisions of this Agreement. Invalid conditions are required

be replaced by statutory provisions.


Provider and author of this application is:


easyTrucking s. r. o.

Malý Šúr 93

Kostolna pri Dunaji

tel: +421 905 149 058