Why use the easyTrucking application?

The perfect tool for compliance with Regulation (EC) No 561/2006 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL

easyTrucking is a mobile application that has been developed specifically for freight drivers over 3.5 tons. The very name easyTrucking clearly and succinctly describes its importance and added value for every professional freight driver, which must be governed by European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) 561/2006. The application has the task of accurately and comprehensibly stating and re-providing data on driving, resting or other work of the driver during the performance of his work for at least 28 days as required by the legislation. Shows clearly and clearly the current driving time, time to the next daily and weekly rest, or other work. easyTrucking is a clear and clearly understandable tool for guiding and reviewing the actual or reverse performance of each driver. It alerts him and helps him to better plan and thus make the most of his time spent on the road.

Overview of driving times.

On the display of your smartphone, you have a perfect overview of the time spent on a given day, week or two weeks. So you always have clear information on how long you can still drive, count down until it is time to begin daily / weekly rest and how many times you can still drive 10 hours in the 24 hours. As a result, your planning becomes simpler immediately, leading to savings in time and, above all, savings in the money spent on non-compliance with the statutory limits for individual activities.

Overview of rest.

Your easyTrucking notifies you without the need for tedious counting of the upcoming mandatory daily or weekly rest depending on the time and planning of your previous driving time. It does not happen that you would be surpassing the start of the mandatory break, saving you time and money spent on possible fines. The great advantage is the early warning that you can set yourself. easyTrucking alerts you to the approaching end of your mandatory rest, and you can prepare yourself so quickly and comfortably to continue driving.

History of individual activities.

Just as easyTrucking helps you efficiently plan your driving time, time and duration of rest or other work, it also provides you with accurate and detailed information about the history of your individual activities. It allows you to find and control at any time what, when and how you have been doing during the last 28 days. You will not be able to hunt in the memory and your book is going to tell you what you need to plan further activities.